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Title: Zombotron 2

Description: Zombotron 2 is actually the follow up of the popular Zombotron game! By the way it is a physics-based zombie shooting game! Are you ready to shoot some creepy zombies? We know you are, so go ahead and fight boldly against these undead creatures!!! If you have played the first one and you liked it, you are definitely going to like this one even better! Take the guns and pave your way all the way through the space world.

Game Walkthrough: This is a great game that will give you the chance to enter this unbelievable and unusual world. You will crush into the land of some odd, frightening greenish undead creatures….the so called zombies! You will have a chance to go through 16 challenging stages, but you must begin with the first one! And if you finish it successfully, you will be able to go to the next stage. You will have to go through many odd places and you will have to find the way out! But those scary zombies will start to move toward you! So, they don`t just look creepy, they are really treacherous! They can eat your brain, so you better be cautious and shoot them all! This is your mission now! You must eradicate these zombies, or else they will eradicate you! Ok, so as you move onward, you will have to jump over many barriers, and by the way you will see many timber boxes and some other things on your way. If you thrive to kill a sufficient amount of zombies and to pass the initial stage, you will be able to go to the subsequent stage!

Game Instructions: And as a final point let`s see which control keys you need to use to play this game! Well, you ought to use the arrow keys or WASD keys to stir your character and you should also use your mouse to aim and left mouse to gun down! It is better to use the WASD keys to move your hero if you hold the mouse with your right hand, and the arrow keys if you hold the mouse with the left hand! Well, nevertheless, you can select what suits you most! But try to use the control keys appropriately and steer your protagonist fine! Ok, so if you are prepared to accept this mission, move ahead and get rid of all the zombies you see in front of you!

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