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Title: Groupies Zombie

Description: Let’s kill some zombies! Maybe it was a quiet day for you but why don’t you give some action in it and make it a day to remember in which you’ve handled numerous waves of zombies?

Game walkthrough: Groupies Zombie is zombie action survival game. It is a game in which you have one single goal to achieve, to survive hordes of zombies, mutants and other terrible creatures. You will be equipped a gun at the beginning of the game and after you pass some parts of the game, you will be able to collect ammo that will be scattered through the game but also grenades that will be really useful for those moments when many zombies will start to come at once. So at the beginning of the game you’ll be positioned in one house when those zombies will start coming so you need to defend yourself by killing them. You have gun with a certain amount of bullets that will be spent fast because it’s limited amount so you’ll need to leave the house and walk around it to collect more ammo. Ammo will be spread all over the terrain but also there will be some grenades too. It is inevitably to collect them because that is the only way to get munitions and if you don’t have munitions you can’t do anything to kill the creatures. Without munitions you are powerless so you are easy target, and if they kill you, that is an end of the game. There will be a lot of zombie waves, and the point of the game is to stay alive as long as you can.

Game Instructions: So with few words you move through the given space and you kill creatures that will appear around you. For shooting with the gun you’ll be using the mouse. You move the mouse to aim and you shoot by using the left mouse button. As we said, there are also grenades in the game and you will launch them by pressing the space bar, after you’ve position the mouse cursor in the right direction. That is about using the weapons while the movement will be done with all four arrow keys that will allow you to move in all directions. To pick up something, just pass over it and you have it.

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