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Title: Pothead Zombies 2

Description: Do you like watching horror movies? What about zombie movies! They are extremely popular nowadays! And not just the movies, but the zombie games also! So, if you are in the mood for killing some zombies, this game called Pothead Zombies 2 (the new version of Pothead Zombies) will give you that chance! So, go ahead! See what you need to do in order stop this insanity!!!

Game Walkthrough: Something odd is happening in town!!! By some unexplained reason people are turning into walking dead - zombies! It is assumed that this is happening because some radioactive leak!!! So, probably this is the problem! However, something has to be done!!! Before you start the game, you should choose your character, so you can choose between Lisa and Zanardi! So, come on! Choose the one that seems more capable of dealing with zombies! But have in mind that women are great too! Ok, after you choose your favorite character, you should follow the game-instructions and see how to shoot at those creepy creatures!!! You should have in mind that your ammo is limited, but there is always extra on dead corpses. Some weapons are more appropriate for an incident than some others, so make a smart choice! You are up on a platform on the left side of the game screen, so you have a pretty good position and you can see those ugly undead coming from the right side of the game screen! If it is possible shoot in their heads! This will kill them faster!

Game Instructions: Zombies, zombies, zombies….you have to eliminate them all, so for this reason, you should use the following keyboard shortcuts: the number keys from 1 to 5 in order to change weapon; R key to reload; P key to Pause. Well, basically these are all keys you need to use in these games as long as the keyboard is concerned. But the most important tool is of course the mouse! Yeah, you need to aim with it and shoot using the left mouse button!!! If everything is clear, go there and put an end of these strange and creepy undead creatures!!!

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