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Title: Zombiez 2

Description: Are you feeling sick of those creepy ugly terrifying undead creatures called zombies? Well, you are not alone, buddy! Everybody is terrified by them! So here is a great chance for you to put an end of the endless zombie rampages!!!

Game Walkthrough: Oh, here you are in the middle of nowhere! It is dark and you can hardly see anything! But luckily, as you move the mouse cursor you can light up a little bit the way in front of you! So, at the beginning it seems that nothing is happening here! But you are wrong! Those ugly undead creatures with hands pointed straight forward are approaching you! Oh, yeah…you have to be very careful, because they emerge from all sides of the game screen! The good thing is that you can kill them with only one shoot if you shoot precisely! So, don`t shoot in vain, because you have a limited number of bullets and you will have to reload after a while! You can move around the space, so don`t forget this, because if these zombies get too close to you, you are done! You will lose health (by the way, you can see the health bar at the top right corner of the game screen) and as soon as it runs out of the red color, it means that the game is over! So open your eyes wide and be alert all the time! Don`t let these awful creatures eat your brain!!! Have in mind that they are really fast, so the speed is also of great importance for this game!

Game Instructions: Let`s see what controls you need to use in order to kill those terrible creatures!?! Well, you should move around using the WASD keys from your keyboard; you can chance weapons using the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; you can reload pressing the R key. You also need to use the mouse in this game, so you should aim with it and click on the left mouse button to shoot!!! That`s basically all you need to use in this addicting zombie game! So, buddy, give your best and eliminate all those creepy creatures!!!

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Added: 10 July 2012
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