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Title: Bunies and Zombies

Description: The Zombie stories are usually very interesting and really exciting. There is no other explanation why are they so popular among people that belong to different generations. The fascination with death and especially connected with many different questions about life after death, and death before life, comes so naturally to us cause we are all concerned with it. Zombies are considered as creatures that are neither dead nor alive. Once they were normal human beings but they died and come back from the world of dead as un-dead. This time you are put in a very dangerous situation. You and your sister are inside a building and there is no way out. Hundreds of zombies are all over the place and now you are forced to defend little sister and yourself.

Game Walkthrough: You and your little sister are raped inside a building that is under constant attack by hordes of zombies. You are lucky that you have a gun that will be of great help while the hordes of zombies approach to you. You have 13 bullets per frame, so use them wisely and try to retreat when you reload the gun. At the bottom of the screen you can see a percentage line with a brain icon that will indicate your effectiveness in each wave. Do not let them come close to you and try to stop them to get to the other side. This is a demo version of a more elaborate game where you can use different weapons including the bunny your little sister is holding in her hands. But anyway it is fan even without the extra options and upgrades.

Game Instructions: Playing this game requires to be really focused on the controls. You will have to use both keyboard keys and mouse. To move around your character you should use the up, down, left and right arrow keys. To aim at the zombies that are coming in waves you should move the cursor through the screen with your mouse. Try to aim at their heads and then click the left mouse button to blow their brains. They do not use them anyway. Be careful and knock them off.

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