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Title: Devil Entrance

Description: Ever since men get aware of his existence in the world, there were some beliefs that there are some forces that were unknown to them. Usually people attributed different powers to different imaginary creatures that personified those unknown forces. There are many reasons why to be afraid of the unknown. There are many stories about the gate through which the forces of evil come into our world. Many people were trying to find the source of evil in our world believing that they can prevent is infiltration. That quest started long ago, recently was ended. You got the information that someone really found the exact location of the entrance. But that is not the solution of the problem, of course. It is possible to do something about it, but until you find a way to close the Gate for good, you must go out there and shoot the evil forces incarnated in humans. That is the only thing that comes as an advantage because they must take human form before they enter our world. But there is a problem because they are coming in large number and there is no other way to stop them, but shoot them down before they enter and involve in our everyday lives.

Game Walkthrough: You are at the devil entrance at last. You have a gun with you and unlimited supplies of bullets. Your task is to shoot the devils that are coming out before they reach you. The point is to survive the constant attack for as long as possible by shooting the devils without getting hurt. At the bottom of the screen you can see the health status. Be careful and try to stop them before they reach you, or you will be dead very soon.

Game Instructions: This is a game that can be played using the mouse only. Move the mouse to aim at the devils that are coming at you and click the left mouse button to shoot them. There is no doubt that what you do is for the good for the mankind. You are out there and everything depends on your skills.

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