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Title: The Last Soldier

Description: Have you ever heard about the possibilities of a zombie apocalypse? Do you think that it can actually happen? Well, spreading a zombie virus can be very dangerous and can turn many people into zombies in a short time. Well, probably this is something that you can see in horror movies and games, but who knows?!? Maybe one day in the future this will actually happen! But until then, you can play zombie games as much as you want! So, however, now you are going to play a game that has something to do with this zombie virus! Let`s see what is it all about!?!

Game Walkthrough: Well, in this game your task is to bring the antidote and to give a vaccination to soldiers who were infected by a virus that turned them into zombies in a place called Area 1. But something terrible happened! Your plane has crashed in the region and everybody from your unit has died except you. Yeah, you are the only survivor and you are now all alone! But you have no other choice than to finish your mission and bring the antidote to the zombified soldiers. It is now your responsibility to carry on with the assignment to look for the antidotes that have sprinkled all over Area. This is not going to be easy, not at all, but you must defend yourself at all cost. Yeah, you must survive!!! Do you think you can do that! Well, give your best and follow the in-game instructions! Watch your health!

Game Instructions: And now let`s see what control keys you need to use in order to play this interesting game. In order to move forward/backward you should use the W,S Keys; for the Angels Movements you need to use the Arrow Keys; to fire weapon you should press the Space Bar; to Switch Weapons 1,2,3 Keys, and to exit to menu, just press Tab Key. Well, I hope everything is clear about the controls! Now it is your turn to use them properly! Ok, buddy! Go there and finish your mission successfully! But the most important of all - stay alive!!!

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