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Title: Ghost Trap

Description: Do you know what actually Halloween is? It all the day of the dead! It is also called All Hollow's Eve! It is believed that on this day all the dead people raise from their graves. Oh, sounds scary, doesn`t it! There are many things that symbolize this day. The pumpkin lantern is one of the most popular symbolic things. So, on this day you can see many people dressed in scary costumes like for example witches, vampires, zombies, ghosts. Well, in this game you will see many of these Halloween stuff! So, are ready to play an addicting zombie game? If you are, let`s start to play this one! You are going to love it!

Game Walkthrough: If you are asking what would be your task in this game, you should know that you will have to trap the strange devil-like creatures flying around. Yeah, you will have to trap those creepy creatures in a very interesting way. And you will be able to do that by filling out the play area. Unlike some other zombie games where you should shoot at those beings, now you will have to just draw a line using the computer mouse and trap them in a colored field. Does this sound interesting?!? I hope it does! So, come on, trap as many zombies as you can in order to get as many points as possible! You should trap the ghost within the colored areas in order to earn some extra points. This game has many levels and you can go to the next one only if you finish successfully the level you are playing currently. By the way, you need to fill 75% or more of the area to level up.

Game Instructions: Well, this game is extremely easy to play. But there is one thing you need to possess and that is speed! Yeah, you need to react fast! So, the only thing you need to use in this game is your computer mouse and lift mouse button as well as the spacebar, which you should use in order to rotate the filter. Ok, my friend, get ready and trap all those creatures!!!

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Added: 4 July 2012
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