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Title: Bat In Nightmare

Description: Have you ever dreamed that you are stuck in an old castle and a lot of ghosts and other creepy creatures are trying to catch you? Oh, it is actually a real nightmare, and when the moment of catching comes, or when you are about to fall you instantly wake up! This is some kind of instinct that doesn`t let you die even in your nightmare! Ok, so this time you are going to play a really interesting and addictive game called 13 Bat in nightmare! So, get ready to see what you need to do here!?!

Game Walkthrough: And here you are in this old deserted castle from the middle ages! In this game your task is to help the little cute bat escape from Hell. Do you think you can do that?!? Well, let`s try! It seems that there is no way out, but you`ve got to find it! By the way, you need to lead the little bat up and on your way you will meet a lot of ghosts and creepy dangerous machines that might kill the bat. You will see those hearths that signify the bat's lives and if you touch some of those machines, or some of the flying ghosts, it means that you will lose life. But don`t worry if this happens, because you can go on until all the lives are gone, and you have 8 lives to spend. So, this means that you need to be extremely careful. This is like a real nightmare and the way up seems like an endless vertical tub. Oh, yeah, it looks like hell! But you must be persistent and you must find the way out! O, come on; navigate the bat safely throughout the castle and earn as many points as possible!

Game Instructions: Now a few words about the controls. By the way, this game is a little unusual, but it doesn't mean that it is complicated to play. On the contrary, it is very simple! All you need to do in this interesting game is to click and release the mouse to make the bat fly. Well, we hope that you will succeed to help this cute little bat find the way out!

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Added: 3 July 2012
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