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Title: Dragon Flame 2

Description: Are you familiar with some stories about dragons, those sublime masters of the skies? Have you ever dreamt of being a dragon lord, someone who has a dragon friend, that creature that governs the night sky, as in a romantic vision of the world as sometimes long ago it might have been? Well why not! This is your chance to be a dragon lord that is capable of burning entire legions that are coming at you in your resting place. Fly on the wings of your dragon and never be afraid! There is no reason to be afraid from anything. It is time to take control and defeat anyone that stands on your way.

Game Walkthrough: At the beginning you should select the arena. The cave is a large open space arena with four entry points. And it is easy for a young dragon to begin with. You should be very careful because invaders are coming from all sides. If you kill a maximum of enemies in a round you will end in section of highest scores. To increase your rage you should either kill many enemies or it will happen when the hurt you. You should try to keep your rage on high level in order to unlock your dragon skills. To cast your skills you should draw shapes. There is an option to empower your dragon after each wave of enemies. If you reach the 100 wave it will mean a more points to you and a higher score. You have many different attacks you can perform. Use them wisely in a given situation.

Game Instructions: Before you start your game, you must learn more about controls. First you must learn how to fly. To cast some sparks at your enemy you should aim using the mouse and then click the left mouse button. To cast a fireball you should click at the head of the dragon keeping the button pressed, then drag a line ahead and at the end release the button. To perform a tail strike you should click on the dragon's head, keep the button pressed, then drag to the tail and release the button. There is another very powerful fire attack you can perform. It is the flamethrower that can be done smearing the mouse ahead.

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