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Title: Ben 10 vs Zombies

Description: It is time to go out and fight. Zombies are on killing spree. There are too many zombies out there and there is no one to confront them. Shoot all zombies and kill them. It is time to clear the area and restore the life as it was before this really terrible situation become even worse.

Game Walkthrough: You find yourself in a city full of zombies that are walking around. Hundreds of them are coming at you, so you must kill them before they reach you. For every zombie that you kill you will get some cash that you can use later to buy many different things that will help you continue the fight. At the end of each level you can visit the special shop that can offer many different upgrades. There you can buy some health upgrades, more grenades, or even to upgrade your weapon and increase its power. That will be of great importance to easily eliminate the threat that comes from both sides. But you should have in mind that of utmost importance is to keep your health on a high level. Upgrade your health, if the status shows danger. You can play this game in three challenging mode - normal for beginners, hard and for experienced players.

Game Instructions: To play this exciting zombie game you will have to use many different keyboard keys. To walk left and right, you should use the left and right arrow respectively. The up arrow key will help you jump over some obstacles. Combing the left and right arrow keys with the space bar you can run in the chosen direction. That is for the movement of the character, but now little more about your combat options. Press the Z key to shoot at the zombies with your special gun. If the come close enough you can use your knife by pressing the X key. But that is not all! You can throw a grenade at the group of zombies and blow them up. You can do hat by pressing the C key. Use your mouse to upgrade weapons and health in store. Just move the mouse across the screen and click the left mouse button to select the option.

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