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Title: Defend the Castle

Description: We could say that zombie games are scary or something, they involve a lot of killings and a lot of blood but if you don’t take them so seriously, you will spend your time having incredible fun. Also killing those zombies may help you get rid of your negative energy, you will leave all your frustrations in the game and you’ll be calmer in your everyday life. And not to forget that zombie games sometimes have really interesting story or structure… Here is one very interesting zombie game, just for you.

Game Instructions: In the game that follows, you are an owner of a castle. There is a terrible zombie invasion in your place so now you face numerous waves of zombies that are coming at you, trying to get into your castle and kill you. So logically, your task in the game is to defend your base from the zombies, don’t allowing them to get there. If they manage to get close to the castle, they will start destroying it, and if they destroy it, next step is killing you. Your character is actually a female archer but don’t get full by the look, if you get the instructions of the game, she will lead you to a great victory. The game is not based just on shooting arrows, there are also some tasks that should be completed and you will get those tasks continuously in the game. As you advance in the game, you will be able to open new skills and new weapons that will help you advance more in the game.

Game instructions: For playing this game you will have to use your mouse. You will to aim at the zombies by moving the mouse and then click on the left mouse button to shoot. The zombie cannot be killed by using one single shot, shoot many times, till the moment when the bar over zombie’s head becomes red and the zombie falls down. As we said previously, your task in the game is not to let those zombies conquer your castle and you can also follow the health bar of your castle at the bottom of your screen, to see how you are doing in the game.

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