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Title: Zombie at the gates

Description: We haven’t heard about zombies in the time when powerful kings and knights ruled but the truth is that there were some. However, that is what the next game says…we haven’t seen any real zombie yet…

Game walkthrough: Zombie at the gates is one really cute action – adventure survival game. The character you are going to play with is this king that rules with some unknown kingdom. This king, like any other king, has many tasks that are usually related to defending his territory but in the most cases the ones that attack are humans but not now… There is a zombie invasion in the kingdom and this invasion happened so suddenly that the king was left so confused. He was just doing some regular king’s stuff when he fall in one hole and hurt his knee. The next day there were those zombies that walk around his yard, trying to attack him and his castle. What could the king do in this situation except to fight the zombies? The point of this game is to stay alive as long as you can, but also to kill all the zombies that you’ll meet. There are many interesting medieval weapons that could be used in the game, but they are locked so you better earn a lot of points at the beginning of the game so you could unlock and buy some of them. There are weapons for distant combat (different types of bows and arrows) and weapons for close combat (swords and axes) and it’s better to use the properly because if you don’t those zombies may kill you. Your king has three lives but he can increase them by catching some power ups. Also you should collect coins, stars, wool, stone and wood to build up and upgrade your weapons and skills, and later build a Flying castle that will help you leave the zone full of zombies. Those power ups can be earned by destroying boxes or trees.

Game Instructions: In the game you’ll be moving by using Left and Right arrow keys or A and D keys. The Mouse will serve you to go to menu and shop navigation, while P is for pause where you can also see the instructions. Z or K keys are for close combat weapon and X or L for distant combat weapon while pressing S(twice) or Down(twice) are for one special move, called stomp hit.

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