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Title: Zombie Impale

Description: You might say at first that killing is a very bad think but if we think about killing zombies, then there is nothing that could be terrible enough! That is probably the reason why there are so many different ways to kill a zombie. From one side people want to find the perfect weapon that will destroy those monsters in a minute but on other side, it seems that zombies simply make us so much creative in killing. You probably haven’t ever thought about killing zombies with impale, but just be patient for a while and you will see what are we talking about.

Game walkthrough: This is one of those games that will keep you in front of the computer for a longer time because every passed level won’t leave you indifferent but it will motivate you to open the next one and there are even 50 levels! And you manage to pass those 50 levels with score 1000, you will get another 20 bonus levels, which means 70 levels in total! And what should you do in those 70 levels? Well this is your mission: you will have to turn off all the red lights. There is one very weird weapon that launches zombies. You will have to aim this weapon right so you can impale the zombies on those sharp pikes, saws and traps that are included in the game. When your zombie is impaled on them, the red light switches off and you get points for that. However getting to those saws won’t be so easy because you will have to aim well and apply the laws of physics to find the most suitable direction, so your zombie to fly enough so he can reach the saw and stuck on it. the number of zombies that can be used in a level is numerous but if you push some of the saws out of the scene, you will fail the level.

Game Instructions: There is this strange zombie launcher and you need to learn how to control it. For shooting you’ll be using the mouse. Move the mouse to find right direction, distance the mouse pointer from the zombie, to get a greater velocity and shoot by clicking on the left mouse button.

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Added: 27 June 2012
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