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Title: Ben 10 Kill Zombies

Description: Recently some strange beings were noticed nearby your town. There are some rumors that some zombies are headed this way. The main question is how to react? This is an emergency situation and you must react quickly. You must block all the ways to the place and build some barricades. You know that this is not a solution to the whole problem, but just a temporary action to slow their progress. You must find some weapons that will be more effective against the zombies. That's why you must join the Resistance. You are a brave warrior and ready to help in any occasion. This is your chance to stand on the way of the ugly zombies and save your family, your friends, and your neighbors.

Game Walkthrough: You are given a task to posit behind the barricades and give your best in stopping the hordes of zombies that are progressing toward your town. The goal in this game is to kill the zombies to collect more gold. You can use the gold to buy new weapons. At the beginning you have only one weapon on your disposal, but there are seven other more powerful weapons that you can buy in the course of the game. There will be dozens of zombies that are coming at you, and each and every wave will be more intense. You must be prepared for that. Also you can you the collected gold to repair the barricades and build a stronger defense system. Be focused on the zombies and try to eliminate them as they approach the fence. Beware of those that are faster and especially those that carry some tools with them.

Game Instructions: Use your mouse and the keyboard keys to play this game. Use your mouse to aim at the zombies and then press the left mouse button to shoot. You have to reload your weapon from time to time, so use the space bar to do that. To switch weapons use the number keys from 1 to 8. At any moment you can pause the game pressing the P key. Good luck!

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