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Title: Flaming Zambooka 3

Description: A circus is a company of many travelers who perform different kinds of performances, some of them including clowns, trained animals, trapeze, acrobats, etc. They are usually held in a ring, and are usually under a big tent. Depending on the type of performances and the size of the animals which are included in the performances, the size of the rings and tents vary. Some are very big because they include elephants and various acrobatic performances that require height, while others can be very small.

Game walkthrough: Do not get scared at the start, because once you press play, you will see that there are 40 points in this game. This may seem like a lot, but when you start playing and see how interesting this game is, you will ask for more. However, you will need to go level by level, you are not allowed to pass some levels and move to the higher ones. In each level there will be zombies to kill, as you go to the higher level, the number will increase. Sometimes you will need to shoot twice in order to kill the zombie, sometimes only once. Head shots will get you extra points. You will need to set your aim straight in order not to waste too much ammo, but in any case, it is not limited, so you need not to worry about this much. Some zombies might not be able to be killed with missiles, so you will need to think of another way in order to do this. But, I will leave this up to you to discover, not everything should be given on a silver platter.

Game instructions: When it comes to the instructions, there are not many things you need to know. Your weapon is controlled by your mouse, so move it up and down in order to set the aim in the directions you want, and once you do this, click on the left mouse button to shoot. On the bottom you will see some icons that you might need, as well, and to use some of them you will again need to click on them with your left mouse button. Have fun!

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Added: 23 June 2012
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