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Title: Match Day Of the Dead

Description: Football is a very famous sport, it has been in the past, and it will continue to be in the future as well. It is said that football is the second most important thing in the world. And even though many people just do not get the point and see it only as a stupid sport where a bunch of sweaty guys run after a ball, for others it is an obsession and their entire lives revolve around it. So, for the football fans, here is a great game.

Game walkthrough: Zombies have started to appear everywhere, in different cities around Europe. Every day, there are more and more of them. And they appear everywhere, on football fields, in taxies, walking around the city, like they own it. The situation has become alarming, so the police gave a warning on the radio saying that whoever sees a zombie should kill it using a shovel and whacking it on the head. Before you start, you can see all the cities that you will get to visit, but you will have to unlock them first. The only city that is unlocked is Newcastle, so you will start from there. In each city there are also different areas that you will need to cover, but you will see that as you start playing. The main thing is to clean the streets from zombies and keep them that way!

Game instructions: What I did not tell you in the previous passage, but I must mention here is that you will have no other weapon except a foot ball. So, you will need to kill zombies using only that. You will need your mouse to set the direction in which you would like the ball to head, moving it up or down, and then press the left mouse button, hold it to get the power you want, and then release it in order to kick the ball. Once you complete one level by killing all the zombies there are, then you will move on to the next one. Once you clear one city from zombies, you go to the next city and start all over again. You have a very important job and we hope that we can rely on you. Good luck!

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