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Title: El Fuaaa

Description: Wow, this would be one great fighting game where you will have to beat the hell out of those zombies that will come on your way and believe us, this would be very, very interesting game and you won't leave it until you’ll get to the end.

Game walkthrough: You character is this charming Latino who is on his mission to kill all the zombies that will come on his way. He is extra strong and he doesn’t need some weapons for killing because he has his strong arms and legs so he solves everything by kicking with them. Buuuut, besides those arms and legs, our hero has this special move called El Fuaaa which makes him even more mighty and it can be used only in special occasions, after he’s gained some extra powers after he has beaten some zombies. So this our Amigo walks on the streets where he meets a lot of zombies and the final fights take place on the grave yard where he will have to face this big zombie that is wearing rugby clothes. He has more power than all the other zombies so it will take some time to kill him but with few ‘fuaaas’, everything would come to its order. Start the game and we are sure that you’ll have a great fun playing it.

Game instructions: The instructions and the controls for playing the game are not difficult at all and they will be presented at you at the beginning of the game as well. for moving in the game you’ll be using the arrow keys. For kicking those zombie asses you’ll be using the Z key. Just press this key continually until you see that the zombie is on the ground, disappearing from the picture. He is dead only when he will disappear totally. Giving some regular kicks fill the energy bar that is reserved for the El Fuaaa kick. That is the blue bar and when it becomes full you may activate the great kick by pressing the X key. The other bar, the red one, is your health bar and try to keep it full all the time. The regular zombies don’t have this kind of energy bar except the last one.

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Added: 20 June 2012
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