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Title: The Summoning

Description: Zombies are very scary creatures and usually, that is, in the majority of the games that you play here, online, when there is a game with zombies, it means that you need to fight them. However, sometimes, there are cases in which you need them in order to succeed in the game. You might need to fight them too, but you might also need to have them join your army in order to defeat some forces that are more powerful and that you would not be able to defeat without their help. This next game is in a way like this.

Game walkthrough: Once you press play and go inside the world of this game, the first thing you are going to be asked to do is press a certain button, which will of course be shown to you, in order to summon a zombie to the battlefield. The zombies, but all the other summoned creatures as well, will be a part of your army. Without them, there is no chance that you will succeed. So, you are in control of the zombies for a change and you are fighting humans. Quite a shocking turn of events, right!?

Game instructions: In this game, you are going to need to turn the camera so that you can see everything that is going on. To do this, you need to move the mouse cursor to the edges of the game screen or you can also do this with the help of either the A and D keys, or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. All the other things in this game need to be done with the help of your mouse. So, in order to choose a way to kill the enemies, you will need to click on the ways given on the bottom of the screen and then click again on the place where you would like the devastation to take place. You need to be quick, too, because the humans are not to be messed with. They will take advantage of any situation and try to kill you. So be careful and have fun also!

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