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Title: Zombie Exterminator

Description: There is some kind of invasion in the area next to your city. Some say that some zombies are doing some harm to the villagers. They know that you will try to stop them, so they must prepare for that. It is interesting that they are not so stupid, and probably someone coordinates them to defend themselves. No one is ready to take the risk and go there to confront them. You are probably the only one that can help save the day. But there is something you should know. There is no chance to kill them with some powerful gun, or some other weapon. There is no need to take any weapon with you. The only way you can defeat them is to use everything you have on site. There are some wheels and barrels and some other objects suspended on ropes. The only actions you can take are to plan the movements of each object beforehand so you after that you can plan an action that will kill all the zombies at once. Look around very carefully and surprise the zombies with your intelligence. Whoever helped them to build those defense systems is not even close as smart as you are. But you must prove that and the only way is to pay a visit to them. Go and do what it's necessary to eliminate the threat in the area.

Game Walkthrough: There are 30 levels in this game. There is only one goal: To clear the area of the zombie presence. You should exterminate all zombies in each level. Use various tools to complete the level. Sometimes you will also have to solve puzzles to be able to finish the level. You must use your brain, and that is the main difference between you and them.

Game Instructions: Just use your mouse to instigate an action. By clicking your left mouse button over some of the objects that are on your disposal you can kill the zombies. This is a really demanding game, so you should try hard.

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