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Title: Bounzy

Description: The alarms went on. Everything is red. The lights in the base are on. On the monitors you can see some strange creatures in the forbidden area. There is something going on there. It is obvious. You must send someone to check what is really happening there. But you know well that you must someone that is experienced, someone that has been through the most rigorous training program, someone that has been involved in combats. You are the one that has all the information, and usually you have a solution for every problem. Of course, you have an idea for this new situation. It is a man without a name. He is a man that is fearless. But that is not all. He is very good at shooting, but he is also very intelligent and you know that he will finish the job without too much ado. Call him and give him the coordinates. He will know what to do.

Game Walkthrough: There are 25 levels in this game. As you progress in the game the positions of the zombies will be difficult to reach. S, you must make a good plan how to do that. At the start of each level you have limited amount of bullets. There are nine bullets in your gun, so use them wisely. The point is to kill all the zombies that will appear in each of the levels, but also you should try to do that with as few bullets as you can. Your task is to stop the attacking zombies once and for all. Kill the zombies with the help of bouncing bullets, use different object in each level to make bullets bounce off them so that they can beat the brains out of the zombies! This is a classic ricochet challenge.

Game Instructions: To answer the challenge, you should use your mouse. Just make good calculations about the path of the bullet, choose the right directions using the mouse. Then just click the left mouse button to shoot. There is nothing you should worry about. Just go there and blow their heads off.

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