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Title: Ivan vs Mutants

Description: We know how the zombies look like but what if they manage to take some other form? Maybe a form of a snowman? Well that is what has happened in Ivan’s case, he will have to take care of zombies that have mutated into snowmen. However, this doesn’t mean that they have become good or something, they are still those ugly terrible zombies and they have this form now, just to protect themselves from being identified, and on that way they could attack even more innocent humans.

Game walkthrough: There are seven locked and on open are at the beginning of the game, so your curiosity should be your additional motivation to pass the first level good and then see what is waiting for you in the following ones. It is winter and you (Ivan) are somewhere out, waiting for those ugly creatures. There is so much snow, everything is beautiful, except the zombies that hide somewhere in the scene. When you see one of them, there is nothing you can do except to kill him. With killing the zombies you actually earn money (each killed zombies lefts behind one coin, so don’t forget to collect it) that will be used later in the store where you can buy other weapons like autogun and shotgun but also buy medicine kit and grenades, or maybe to upgrade your character with speed, armor or loot. Each upgrade of the weapons makes them more precise and more powerful while with upgrading armor, you become stronger. If you upgrade loot, you’ll be taking more coins from the monsters and if you upgrade speed, you will become faster. Kill those bustards, and know that they have a weak spot – when they are frozen, they could be crushed just by one touch.

Game instructions: For moving through this large area, you’ll be using the W, A, S and D keys from the keyboard. The shooting in this zombies shooter will be similar like most of the shooting games since you’ll be using the mouse to aim and the left button to shoot. For choosing weapons, hold space and use the mouse.

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