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Title: Dead Zed

Description: Are you afraid of zombies? Or it is better to ask, are you sick of zombies? Well, who isn`t? So, now you will have a chance to put an end of those creepy undead creatures and to stop the so called zombie apocalypse! This game called 'Dead Zed' is a great zombie survival game that will put on test your shooting precision and time managing abilities.

Game Walkthrough: So, imagine yourself sleeping, and suddenly you are awakened by the strange sounds and growls of the living dead and you find yourself stuck on a ranch for the period of a zombie apocalypse. It seems that you are alone here, and help will get there in 40 days, but in anticipation of the help, you will need to defend your fort from zombies and spend your time cleverly. Your task is to kill the coming zombies as fast as you can in order to gain as much time as you can. Use your obtainable time to investigate buildings for weapons and survivors. If you survive, you can be assigned to shoot zombies, repair barricades or search areas. This game gives you the option to choose the difficulty mode and this means that you can play the easy, the medium or the hard mode. You can also play with sound effects and music on, but if you find these disturbing, you can turn them off. You will find these things in the 'options' from the main menu. This game has detailed in-game instructions and you can see everything you need to know as soon as you open the game.

Game Instructions: When it comes to the controls in this game you should know that the mouse is the most important weapon with which you will kill the zombies. And you will be able to do that when you`ll click on the left mouse button. Another thing you should know is that you will have to reload by clicking the R key on your keyboard or double click when empty. To switch weapons you need to press 1 or 2; to switch fire mode you need to press F key. If you want to mute the sound you can do that by pressing M key and to pause, just click ESC key. That is basically all you need to know about the control keys. You just have to be careful and precise and you`ll definitely finish your mission to kill all those creepy zombies!!! So, good luck pal!

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Added: 14 June 2012
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