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Title: Carveola incident

Description: Let’s go back into the history, back in the time of the First World War. We know that this war occurred from 1914 to 1918 and mostly fought in Western Europe in muddy, bloody trenches, and of course it was a war between people, but something strange is happening in the following game. Some strange sightings are seen near a mysterious deserted trench line…

Game walkthrough: This game will bring us back in 14th November, 1918. The war is already over but something strange is happening, there is some other threat there… Sgt. Kirley is the role that you’ll take in this game. You’ve received a letter from Mayor Sayer in which he gives you some orders, to prepare the unit for one new movement, but he doesn’t say where will you go. Other strange thing is that your battalion will unite with the opponent’s unit battalion, you are not opponents any more since the war is over but still. As the Mayor have sad, there was some strange behaving detected by the soldiers so it’s time to see what is it about. The truth is that during the war some soldiers have turned into zombies. Your job in the game will be to defend the whole humanity from them, and avoid appearing of a new war between zombies and people. Choose the members of your unit, set them on the right positions and it’s time to start. In the game your unit will be positioned on a trench from where you will searching for zombies. Once you see one, shoot instantly because if they manage to come near to you, they may destroy your unite and kill you together with your soldiers. Earn some points by hitting most of the zombies and then upgrade your weapons and your unit.

Game instructions: Now it’s time to do whatever you could, in order to stay alive longer. When you see that those zombies are coming at you, shoot fast and precise in order to hit them first. For that you’ll be using the mouse, just aim with the mouse cursor and shoot using the left mouse click. When you need to reload your weapon, press R and be careful about this because it’s sure that staying out of a munitions even for a while, may cost you life. to track the while situation, check out the map. On this map you can see how are the enemies positioned (red dots) and where is the place of your soldiers (green dots). Also know that purchases give you money and enemies give you health, and now you are prepared to get out on the field.

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