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Title: The Adventures of Zomboy

Description: How does it feel to wake up as someone else? Not feeling quite OK and as yourself. For example, feeling like a zombie. What will you do? This might be one of those questions that can’t be answered until you get yourself in that kind of a situation. Well, we are giving you the opportunity to check out how would this look like with the online game ‘The Adventures of Zomboy’.

Game Walkthrough:This morning is not an ordinary one. You get of your bed scared, confused and smelling like a corpse. Yes, your fears have become try, you are a zombie or as we call them the living dead. What can you do? Well, we are not living you helpless. Now you have to finish different types of missions and at the end possibly find out what happened to you. But this is a step by step game. First you need to feed yourself, than go out, then … So you won’t find out the truth on the first mission. You have to be patient and tactical. That’s what this game demands from you. Although this game is with zombies it’s not a horror one. The truth is that even younger players can enjoy in it and won’t have nightmares afterwards. Also this is an adventure game, so have fun during your missions. Take it slowly but smartly. Take your time and plan your steps. So we’ve explained all we needed to, now it’s time to play. There is nothing left to say and the ball is in your court. It’s your time to take on the challenge.

Game Instructions:You’ve decided to proceed? Then welcome! Here you can read how to play ‘The Adventures of Zomboy’. So all you need is the computer mouse. You can find out all you need to only with clicking on certain objects on the picture and also on the given options. This is not that complicated game to play from the technical aspect. Even if you just start to play without any information, you will get the hang of it along the way. Well, this is it. Found out what happened to you, Zomboy!

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