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Title: Halloween Spook

Description: Wouldn’t you enjoy if every day was a Halloween? You get all the candy you can eat, dress up in the most interesting and creative costumes that you can’t usually wear and have fun all night long. For those who are don’t know, Halloween or also known as All Hallows Eve is a yearly holiday celebrated all around the world on 31st of October, the night before All Saints’ Day.

Game Walkthrough:Well in this virtual online game as we’ve said it’s Halloween all day long. When you look into the core of ‘Halloween Spook’, you’ll come to a conclusion that it’s more of a bowling and strategic game than anything else. So you need to figure out ways on how to drop balls (and people also) and kill the creepy ones and spare the innocent children. Yes, we are aware that after this couple of introduction sentences, you have more questions in your head than at the beginning. But to be quite honest, this is one of the games that you need to start playing it so everything can become clear. Now it becomes clear what we are saying, yes start this game and see how it is played! But one of the basic things you should know is that this game doesn’t demand crazy reflexes or precision out of you. Actually, you need be a logical person to be the best player. That is the challenge. You have to find logical solutions of unrealistic situations. You need to think and you need to do all of that under a time limit. Yes, you don’t have all the time in the world in the game. Also as you progress in this game, we are taking you through levels, each one harder than the previous. You need to pass them all in the shortest amount of time to win in ‘Halloween Spook’.

Game Instructions:The only tool you need to play this game is the computer mouse. Put your hand over it and start clicking. You have options you can choose from and actually this game is adjusted so it can be played it only with the mouse. There is no instruction part but you will get the hang of it. So, common enjoy in this Halloween inspired game!

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