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Title: Teelombies

Description: It seems that nothing can’t be interesting about a game that is concentrated on throwing birds, in order to hit pigs, but Angry Birds became one of the most played games ever! People played it on iPhone first, then on every smart phone, then a online flesh variant appear… But we can’t say that its popularity could be eternal, and that is the reason why game developers invented other games that work on the same principle but include new fresh characters and new ideas. What do you think about catapulting zombies in order to infect people? Admit that this sounds as a great challenge!

Game Walkthrough: So, you are working on the side of the zombies now. You have this small green friend that should be used for infecting people. People have taken a refuge within strong castle walls so it seems that there is not a way to get to them but do you remember catapults? With them you can launch items high and far, over the walls and now this catapult will be used for launching zombies. You will have to aim good so your zombie would fall on the right place, from where he could cause bigger damage. The used strength shouldn’t be very big but also not to weak, you may try few times till you get what is best. At the beginning of the game you are in the evil lab where so evil genius have invented the famous zombie throwing catapult. You may start only with some common weapon that could only throw one zombie but when you will earn enough money you may upgrade and have faster zombie, zombie timer bomb that kills humans in the radius of the bomb, then to spread poisonous breath, increase the life time of your zombie, to turn zombie into human appearance… For every move you earn money but also stars that are some kind of grade for your achievement. You may earn one, two or three stars and if you are not satisfied by your score, you are free to try the level again till you have the wanted three stars. Every level asks from you to infect certain number of people and you may kill even more people that the wanted number but if your effort is not good enough, you may earn only one star. In some levels you can also find some gadgets that will help you in your infecting, so in those cases aim to be closer to them. And another thing that you should know, in the first levels don’t expect to earn a lot of points (to upgrade your basic thrower) because that simply isn’t possible. Just be patient, practice throwing, pass many levels and with time you will become more and more powerful. This game will definitely stick you to the computer since you’ll be desiring to open new and new levels.

Game Instructions: Now before you start playing, check out the instructions. For launching the zombie you’ll be using the mouse. The process goes like this: You click with the mouse on the assigned place and you drag the mouse to aim and get the proper swing, so the zombie would fall down in the right place. After that, if you have bought some items from the shop, click on the four zombie buttons at the bottom, to use them. Once you are at the place where the people are placed, everything goes by its own, as your zombie moves from one side to another, every person he meets becomes a zombie. To pass the level is good but always aim for 3 stars!

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