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Title: Zombie Tower Defense

Description: There are some rumors that outside the town you live in, in a place where some abandoned factories are placed, something very strange happened few days ago. You know that there were some chemicals left and probably it is about chemical poisoning in the area. But, no, it was not what you initially thought. The chemicals caused the people who have some wounds, even small ones, to start transforming into zombies. As soon as you found out what had happened you run to the tower when you can see the zombies coming at you. This is a tower defense game with a zombie theme. A few towers, lots of upgrades, and a couple of different types of zombies to kill.

Game Walkthrough: There are 50 levels in this game and you must complete all of them to win this game. You start with 20 lives and that will mean that if twenty zombies pass by you, they will conquer the tower. At the beginning there are ten average zombies with health status of sixth level that are coming at you. Then in the second level there will be some 15 quick moving zombie torsos that have double the health status of the ones in the first wave. There are even Sprinting Zombies that will rush past you if you are not prepared to shoot them. There are three different weapons that you can use during the course of the game. You start with the Pistol Turret, after you collect enough money you can buy a brand new Bomb Turret or even a Laser Turret. All three weapons are very different from one another, having different range, damage and speed. Of course, there are some differences in their prices.

Game Instructions: Use your mouse to choose a weapon and to place it where you think it will be most effective. Just Click on the icon of the Turret and then drag and drop it using the left mouse button. It is your strategic skills that count in this game. Good luck with the defense!

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