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Title: Ghostscape

Description: There is a house outside of town that looks really strange and creepy. It is abandoned long ago but it seems that there is something going on there. The previous owners disappeared years ago. No one dares to go in there to find out what had happened there. There are some rumors that the man who lived there had 'The Book of Spirits', a very rare book. Some say that it was written in blood and bound in skin. It contains some information about the ways of contacting the world of spirits. No one dares to go inside, but you are very intrigued by the stories about the house and the possible explanations, so you must go there and check. Who knows what you will find there.

Game Walkthrough: You are in front of the main entrance of the house. There are two massive gargoyles that look menacing and creepy. It seems that someone was trying to keep out everybody that will dare to get near the house. In front of the door you can see a crowbar that can be used to lever things open. You can use it to open the front door. After you enter the house, the front door slammed shut and it seems to be locked. There must be a key in the house somewhere. It is really creepy in there. There is blood all over the place, even on the walls. Take a look around, take some photographs, and try to figure out what happened here. There is a list of what you should do in order to make some progress in your investigation. It is important to use the camera. You must first make a map of this place in the head to be sure that you checked every room. There are some strange things happening in there, cups on the table move, some ghostlike figures appear out of nowhere, so you must document that. In the upper part of the screen you can find the icons of the items you can use, and also the icon for your inventory. In your inventory you already have a flashlight that will be used automatically. Also you have a camera with which you can make some shots. Once you are inside the house you should look carefully around and try to find something that will give you some clues. There is a piece of paper that is in fact a page of a diary written by the previous owners. Click on it to put it in the inventory and then click and drag to read its contents. It could contain some information and lead to some evidence. It may be important clue to the solving the mystery of what had happened in the house. Probably there are other pages and you should look around to find them. In the bathroom there is a red candle that you can use for the pentagram in the attic. But to climb up the attic you need a ladder. You must find it.

Game Instructions: Playing this extraordinary game need some effort, but not in terms of controls. The only thing you need is the mouse and its left button. Follow the instructions and the arrows that appear on the screen and then just click on them when you decide where you want to go. Also you can pick up different items you can use later. Everything depends on you, so you better be prepared.

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