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Title: Schoolgirl vs Orcs

Description: You know all the stories that our parents and elderly people have told to us and we don’t believe in them. Like the ones about haunted houses and forests. Well, have you ever thought about how it would be if it turns out that they are true? We would look like a real jackasses than. In this game we are showing you that type of a story.

Game Walkthrough:A girls goes through a forest and at the beginning everything is peaceful. The first though that popes into her head is ‘Haunted forest? Ha, what a childish story’. Well, just a second after it turns out to be try. This girls needs to fight the mighty orcs. This is a race of human-like creatures that are courageous and like to fight. Also they don’t exist in real life and are a part of the imagination of the writer J.R.R. Tolkien. But although you might think that you character in this game is a helpless girl actually this is not the case. She has a gun in her hand and she’s ready to shoot in a split second. So make her a cold blooded murderer of Orcs that shows no mercy for these creatures. Although it’s only you versus hundreds of Orcs, you are better and more prepared than they are. You just have to work on your speed and you can come out as a complete winner at the end of it all. Don’t be scared from the Orcs. They are ugly and dangerous but you can do it.

Game Instructions:Move your character through the forest with the help of the W, S, A and D keys. You have a weapon in your hands and you can aim by moving the mouse and shoot by pressing the left button. Also if you want to change the weapon just use the Q, E, 1 and 0 keys. We are also giving you the chance to pause the game when you press the P key. So kill the Orcs and be a hero in this game!

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Added: 4 June 2012
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