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Title: Brainz

Description: Endless Zombie Rampages! Waves and waves of creepy creature are invading you! …Yeah, another zombie challenge for you! Brainz is a great zombie game where you will have to fight against endless zombie rampages! Are you prepared to do that?

Game Walkthrough: At the moment you start the game, you will find in the middle of a battlefield, and it will actually look as if you are in the middle of a war. And this is true, but this time you won`t fight against living people, but zombies! Oh, yeah, you heard right! The living dead have risen from their resting places and now they want some human flesh in order to keep living! Well, they are neither dead, because they walk, but nor alive, because the only thing they do is walking and just the basic physical things, you know the essential things. But they have only one thing in mind and they are ruthless until they get what they want! And can you guess what it is? It is human flesh, and especially human brains!!! So, come on, gun down the zombies as they come after you! You can earn some money and when you`ll have enough of them, you can buy some more powerful weapons, which will help you to fight more efficiently.

Game Instructions: You should use W, A, S, D keys from your keyboard in order to Move around the space; Your mouse has a function of a gun, so you should use it to Aim and left mouse button to Shoot; And finally, since the ammo is not unlimited, you will have to reload, and you can do that by pressing R key from the keyboard also! Well, basically that`s all about the controls and now it`s up to you to use them properly and to fight against those creepy zombies in the best possible way! Good luck buddy, you are going to need it!

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