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Title: Bitejacker

Description: No one can predict what could happen to him in one regular day. You may wake up regularly in the morning and think that it’s another same boring day but every day holds the potential everything good or bad to happen. For example you become a millionaire by buying a winning ticket, or you may lose everything that you have just because some daring thieves have robbed your house, but what if you do your work and a zombie apocalypse starts? And the first zombie that you see is your colleague?

Game Walkthrough: Anthony Carboni is a TV host while Jon Rivera is a cameraman. They’ve been shooting some regular TV show when suddenly their colleague appears looking terribly, so they in a short period of time realize that he has actually become a zombie. You will have to choose with which one of these two guys you would play in this game that concentrates on a zombie apocalypse – Antony or Jonathan. If you don’t know for whom to decide, check out their abilities. Antony is more for melee action, he has a machine gun and his specialty is double rainbow while Jonathan is best in dodge action, has a shot gun and his specialty is being good as back up. Both of them have infinite ammo. Your choice will depend from your playing style, and if you’ve chosen someone that doesn’t fit you, change him and try with the other character. The main point of the game is to manage to survive the waves of zombies that will come at you all time. To manage that, you will have to kill them. While you do that you’ll also need to take care for the uninfected people who are desperately begging for help. Bitejacker is concentrated in a period of ten days. In every level you will have to find your way to the exit while you fight with tons of zombies, destroy obstacles, and rescue survivors. While you do that, don’t forget to search crates, dead bodies, and other objects for goodies such as health or cold hard cash. However, be careful in those moments since the zombies won’t wait for you to finish your job, they attack you all the time. Once you have saved a certain number of survivors, killed a certain number of zombies, and picked up enough cash, it’s time fight with a boss. During the game you will unlock faster and tougher enemies but Anthony and Jonathan will also get stronger as the game progresses. Fighting those more powerful enemies shouldn’t scare you because that way you will get more money. There are 18 abilities that level-up while you play, and they give you quicker reload time, more health, better weapons, and other nice bonuses. When you are between levels, check your progress book to see what you’ve achieved and decide with some of the available goodies. As you see, it’s about a quite complex and comprehensive game in which you’ll have to pay attention to many aspects but that will motivate you even more, since in simple games there are simple tasks but the pleasure is smaller.

Game Instructions: So before you start playing this ample zombie adventure, you better check out the instructions for playing it. To move through space you will be using the arrow keys from the keyboard and for aiming and shooting, use the mouse, its left button. Your health can be seen in the awesome-meter that is positioned at the bottom of the screen so try to stay awesome during the whole game! In case that you lose the game, you may restart it giving a certain amount of the collected money or if you quit the game, your money can be used the next time.

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