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Title: Beat me up

Description: Humanity always was intrigued of how much pain one man can stand. We all have felt pain, one way or another, but we all are interested where the end line of suffering is?

Game Walkthrough: The human body approximately has 5litar of blood. How much blood do we lose in accident?? The answer to this question we can find in this game. Try to make the man to lose blood as possible you can. Drag him in to the walls and obstacles, so you can make him bleed. The more blood he lost, the better is your score.

Game Instructions: In order to play these game, you should use only the mouse. With left click drag the body around and make it bleed. If you feel you can’t see blood anymore just click anywhere out of the game window to pause game. If you’re interested to know how much blood you can lose you better get start!!!

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Added: 20 January 2010
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skyler3546 (28 May 2012):
hahaha Cool
coolgamerboy (3 July 2011):
lol too bloody so i dont know about this :L Sad
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