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Title: Monster Mowdown

Description: It seems that those creepy undead creatures are attacking again! This time you are really determined to put an end of their endless zombie rampage!!! So, get ready for a real war against these undead who wants to eat human flash! You have to stop them!

Game Walkthrough: Well, yeah, in this kind of 'retro' zombie game, you will have to fight against retro zombies, zombie dogs, zombie birds, and other evil creatures with retro fellows! There are 50 rounds in all, which is great, because you will have a lot of challenges to go through! This is an extremely amusing and addicting game. Although it basically has a very simple game-play, you still need to be concentrated and alert all the time, because those zombies are approaching all the time towards you, so you need to be ready in any moment. So, you need to react really, really quick in order to stop them to get too close to your line. You know, this game looks like a war game, so yeah, you are kind of waging war against those creepy zombies. In this cool zombie game, you are positioned at the left side of the game screen, and this is kind of your base, let`s call it that way, and your opponents, the creepy zombies are coming from the right side of the game screen. You are standing behind a line, which is marking your territory. So, you don`t have to worry too much, because you have a really cool weapon in your hands and it is pretty powerful, because if you aim precisely, you will be able to take a zombie out with only one shoot. So, that`s the point, aim well and shoot as soon as you are ready. Although we are used to see those zombies walking slowly with the hands put straight forward, in this game they are really speedy! Oh, yeah, they are running like crazy towards you. The cool thing is that for each killed zombie, you will get some points i.e. money, so after you finish the level, you will have a certain amount of money. With this amount you will be able to choose another weapon, which will be even more powerful than the one you had at the beginning! So, try to get as many points as possible in order to be able to buy a great weapon. So, yeah, you will have an opportunity to go to this 'shop' in between levels, and buy something. When you`ll click on a certain weapon, you will be able to see its characteristics: power, rounds per minute and other things concerning the precision or something like that. Another thing which is cool is that here, you can choose your favorite companion or assistance, so you will see many different people there. So, come on, buy weapons and assistance which will help you to defend your territory from those endless hoards of enemy zombies !

Game Instructions: You should use your mouse to aim and click on the left mouse to shoot. Another thing you should do is to press the spacebar to drop missiles, H key to heal health for 50 dollars. Well, yeah, you can by everything with the money, ok, almost everything! However, try to be precise and fast as possible and shoot as many zombies as you can!

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