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Title: Amea

Description: When it comes to the zombie games, there is no wrong choice. If you are a fan of them, and of that kind of spooky stuff, that every game that involves that will be worth your time. There is something special about these games and I must say that in all my time playing online games, and I play a lot of online games, it has rarely happened that two games were alike. But enough with the chatting, let’s see what this game has to offer.

Game walkthrough: Once you step into the world of this game, before some real action, you will need to walk around a bit and discover some things on your own, interact with the environment and maybe talk to someone, if you encounter anyone. But then, once you pass all of it, you are going to wake up in a room where only you and another person will be. Listen to this person’s story, because he knows what had happened. Listen carefully to everything he has to say, because he will give you some vital information which you will need to remember if you want to proceed in this game.

Game instructions: You are not going to need a lot of instructions from me in this game, only a few important once, the rest you are going to be told while you play the game. I can tell you that you will need to use the arrow keys to more, that is, the left and right for moving left and right, and the up and down when you need to jump over something or duck. Also, when you want to skip some story being told in the game, you can always press the space bar. The rest is up to you to discover on your own, so go on now into the deep and dark paths of this game!

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