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Title: Operation Zero Out Mandy

Description: Zombies are usually depicted as creepy undead creatures that are trying to reach human flash and are especially keen on human brains, here they are doing the same thing, but in this game they are kind of funny! By the way the whole game is cartoon- like, so they are not looking so terrifying like in some other games. However, they have the same traits as other zombies and are coming after you, but anyway it`s not that terrifying and disgusting like in some other zombie games. Well, why not start this amusing game and see what exactly you need to do?

Game Walkthrough: Well, in this zombie game you need to help Mandy fight her way through the KND moon base. Here you will come across many zombies. They will attack you so you have to fight with all your strength and use your cool weapon to destroy them. For this purpose you will have to use the stun gun to hold back the senior citizombies and throw age-atonic grenades to turn them into operatives. You should know that operative can be re-zombified by other senior citizombies. You need to be very quick in order to accomplish your mission successfully! Well, it`s better to say extremely quick! By the way this is the most important skill you need to play this game, so I hope you have it! Or if you don`t, you can improve it, and that`s for sure! This game keeps you alert for the whole time and you just click on the buttons like crazy until you succeed in you mission. You can see the lives, the health meter, the grenade meter, the time as well as the score at the top part of the game screen. So be careful about all these stuff and take a look at them from time to time, just to know how well are you doing! But don`t just stare there, because you have another thing to do, remember?!? You have to fight those creepy zombies that are trying to catch you and to eat your brain! And Mandy is really determined to put an end of these creepy creatures! So, you better help her, because if you fail, she will get mad at you and she will ask you: What`s the matter? Giving up already? So, don`t give up! Give your best and finish the mission successfully!

Game Instructions: In order to play this amusing cartoon-like zombie game, you need to use the arrow keys from your keyboard. With their help you will be able to move Mandy around. By using Z key you can fire stun gun; by pressing X key, you can throw age-atomic grenade; with the left and the right arrow keys you can struggle out of the senior citizombies grip. For this purpose you should hit these buttons back and forth rapidly. Well, yeah, there are many keys you need to use in this game, and you might find it a little bit difficult at the beginning, but after just a few tries, you will be able to use them properly! So, don`t worry about that! Another thing you need to take care is to watch out the grenade meter, for the reason that grenades must recharge between throws. If you do not recharge immediately, you will shoot in vain and this is not good! So, you better be careful and alert all the time! So, come on, buddy, you`ve got to help Mandy get her way to the Moon base!!!

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