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Title: Pestilence Episode 1

Description: Since it is said that zombies are usually stupid, zombie games are often based on killing zombies in their heads without thinking a lot or without thinking at all but the following game is actually a rpg zombie survival that will last for hours and will give you fun and pleasure for hours so you better prepare yourself for something like that. And zombies may still be stupid, but that definitely doesn’t count for this game.

Game walkthrough: As we said, Pestilence is a zombie rpg, made with so many details that will definitely increase the pleasure while playing. First you should do is to select character you are going to play with. You may choose between The Nurse, The Jock or the Vet, and they all have their particular characteristics and differences in their combat. The Nurse is battle medic, a doctor and a chemist that is most skilled in defense. The Jock is a brawler, an athlete and a tank who is best in melee, while the Vet is a scavenger, marksman and survivalist who has a best range from them. While you choose your character, you should also choose the difficulty of the game play. There are four modes: Infection (which is concerned as an easy mode), then Outbreak (normal mode), Pandemic (hard mode) and Apocalypse (very hard mode that could be taken as impossible to pass mode). It is interesting that you could determine the difficulty level of the game by your own, not only by choosing regularly a difficulty mode but by choosing whether you like to play using helps and hints or not. The story is not very complex. It takes place in some city where a terrible zombie invasion has happened. The authorities have warn the citizens to save themselves as they know since those cannibalistic zombies are spreading all over with a huge speed and are attacking every house. At the beginning of the game your character is in his house, and home may look safe but actually you never know when they are going to enter in your home, so it would be better to run somewhere far, where there are more places for hiding. The point of the game is to stay alive longer using all available sources. You will search for items and for a way how to escape the whole situation, finding your way through this complex system of playing.

Game instructions: all the actions in the game will be done by using the mouse and the left mouse button for clicking and selecting options. The character will be selected simply by clicking on him and you won’t be asked for something more when you play the game as well. At the right upper corner there is a menu that will be used for moving in the game. You’ll be moving by clicking ‘move’ from the many, and once you’ve selected that, you can move only one step, for the next one, and the next one, you must select ‘move’. The same goes for searching – you click to move and them you click on the loop, to search that area. After you’ve done one of these actions, your turn is over, and you should wait for your next turn. You may shoot only once in one movement action. Also know that trashing items give you experience so you better trash a bad weapon if you find some.

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