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Title: Even Dead Men Die Game

Description: Probably, you are all familiar with the story behind the zombies. As you already know, they were sometimes human beings like us and then they died. But in fact, they are not quite dead, and now they returned back, taken out of their eternal resting place. So, although those beings were declared dead, they are actually un-dead. In other words, they are neither dead, nor alive. They are not fully alive, but they are moving and taking actions. Some people are really afraid of these creatures. Even though some of them may be a relative or a friend, it is better not to get close to them. They are bloodthirsty creatures, with no feelings. They are mindless and programmed to kill and satisfy their insatiable hunger for flesh and blood. If you fall in their hands, there is a big chance to be transformed in zombie yourself. Then you will become one of them. No one would even try to think about that. Many people believe in those stories about zombies coming out of the graves and going after living humans to kill them and then take them to join the zombie hordes, but some don't believe in that. You have heard many different stories by now, but you really don't know what to think. But sometimes you ask yourself, what if it's really true? What is the effective way to defend from such an invasion? If we stick to the similarities with the vampire stories, we should stab a pale through their heart. But do zombies have a heart? Nevertheless, you have a very powerful shotgun, so it probably will be safe using it in difficult situation. So, imagine that you live nearby a very old cemetery and the atmosphere is very, very creepy there. Sometimes at night you can hear some strange sounds coming from the nearby cemetery. Something strange is happening there and you better go out to see what it is. But, you must be careful because your life might be in danger. So, be careful!!!

Game Walkthrough: You go out of the house and move in the darkness. Suddenly you see how one unidentified creature popped out of the grave. It is a very funny creature that is looking like a ragdoll. But, don't let the look of this funny creature fool you! You have to start shooting right away. There`s no time to waste! By the way, your mission in this game is to kill as many zombies as you can in 30 seconds. You will be awarded with 1 point for each limb, and plus 1 point. Try to focus and aim well, because these zombies are unexpectedly quick and they are capable of spotting the danger, so they will try to hide. If you shoot quick enough, their try to avoid the bullets will fail. So, you know what you should do, and you know what is on stake in this situation.

Game Instructions: There is no special requirements to play this game. It is really very simple. Just use your mouse to shoot the zombies. Move the cursor across the screen and then just click the left mouse button to shoot. Try as many times as you want, and improve your shooting abilities. You will see how good you are, and for sure, you will become better and better, and we hope you finally will eliminate the danger. Good luck buddy and shoot all zombies!!!

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