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Title: Monster Mash

Description: One of the biggest virtues that a man can have is being brave. That means, not to be scared to face up all the challenges that life brings to you. We all say that we are brave but when we have to show that in real life things get harder. Some of us back down and others show the world what they are made of. In which category do you put yourself in? Find out if you are brave enough in ‘Monster Mash’!

Game Walkthrough:We are putting you in the most challenging and dangerous position that you can ever think of. You are the main hero in an action and adrenaline pumped story and you need to defend the world from all of the evil zombies. Yes, it’s you versus hundreds of the living dead that you need to kill. That’s the only way to save your life and also save the planet from all of these horror creatures. We understand that the story you are in is kind of horrifying but you need to step up and show the world that you can take the pressure. Zombies after zombies are coming at you and your reflexes are put to the test. As they pop-up on the screen, you need to work fast and shoot like a real professional to come out of this alive. Also if you are a horror fan than we are giving you an option to taste the real fear that this game can offer to you. How? Put on the headphones and isolate yourself from everything around you. Put the volume to maximum and listen to the screams and cries for help. Give us a chance to take you to the zombie killing world!

Game Instructions:You can play this game only by using the computer mouse. This is the drill, spot a zombie, aim at him (by moving the mouse) and shoot at him (by pressing the left button on the mouse). Doesn’t sound too difficult, don’t you think? You can also use the mouse to begin with the game. Move the arrow over ‘play’ sign and just start the mission!

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