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Title: Boxhead More Rooms

Description: Are you ready for a cool shooting zombie game! Oh, this one is really addictive! You are going to like it! By the way you can choose the level you like most!

Game Walkthrough: In this game you can choose the level, and there are 8 of them: The boxy; buttons, mazey, gladiator, strip, tight, columns 2, and castle. So, they are all different in means of spatial organization and game play, although in all of them you need to do only one thing: kill those zombies! So, whatever of these levels you choose, you will have to fight with many, many zombies! They will emerge from all sides of the place and you will have to be ready in any given moment. You must navigate your character toward the zombies and shoot at them with your laser. Well, you will need to shoot more times to kill one zombie, because those creatures are really tough. Yeah, one shot won`t be enough! Those zombies are invading in hordes, and you are alone there! But be brave and put an end of the endless zombie rampages! There are some rewards in this game, and you can earn up to 10 new weapons and 90 + upgrades via multiple Zombies kills. You know, those zombies have a leader, and you recognize him by the vivid red color! Oh, if those zombies are hard to kill, wait until you meet this guy! You need to move away from the zombies, because they are all the time approaching towards you, in order to have enough time to point your gun at them! Because if they get too close to you, they will trap you and you are done! Don`t let this happen and keep the distance!

Game Instructions: Arrow keys are used to move; 0-9 keys are used to select weapons; Space bar to shoot or throw; P to pause the game if you need to. Come on, buddy! Be brave and kill all those creepy zombies!!! Good luck and have tons of fun!!!

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Added: 18 May 2012
Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
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