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Title: Zombie Baseball

Description: In the list of weapons for killing zombies there are many different items. Some zombie experts say that is best to shoot them, some of them that is beat to cut their head using a chain saw or maybe burn them, but however most of them say that is best to hit them in their head, on any way, using what is available at the moment. And in the following game there will be one pretty unusual way for killing someone, including zombies, and that is by hitting them with a baseball ball. It may sound strange for you, but once you try, you will see that is possible.

Game Walkthrough: Killing zombies while playing baseball may sound strange but in the following game the whole situation is strange. You will play as this baseball player that has a bat in his hands while the pitcher is this attractive blond girl that stand on the window. She will throw the ball and you have to hit the ball, but not just to hit it, you have to hit it and hit the zombie as well. Again is best to hit the zombie in his head because that way you get double score. But hitting those balls won’t be so easy, the thing is to get the right angle so you manage to hit the zombie but at the same time to have a strong hit. You may hit the ball when it is falling down but also you have another chance, when it’s going up, rejected from the ground. However every time you hit the zombie, no matter how hard you did it, you get points but that is a smaller amount of points. Only a strong hit and a hit in the air give you enough points. Also you can kill the zombie if he approaches you near and you hit it directly with the bat but you can’t count on this because there is some time limit between two hits so you may not have time to make the second or the third hit, and the zombie may get you, so you better practice your shooting. Don’t be sad if you are not so successful in hitting from first time, take a little practice, and after that you will destroy all those terrible creatures that are coming in waves. The game is divided in days instead of levels and is counted your score from every hit, then the score of the hit heads, hitting combos and the distance from which you hit the zombies.

Game Instructions: So there is only one step keeping you apart from this zombie baseball action – the instructions of playing, and there is not much about it, it’s quite easy. To hit the ball use the A key from the keyboard, and for secondary bat use the S key. The point is to find the right angle and do the hit. At the bottom of the scene there is a meter that shows you the angle of hitting, so check it before you make a move.

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