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Title: Beauty vs Zombies

Description: Friendship is the most important relationship that people have. Do not get me wrong, family is very important too, but people can simply not live without friends. And I am sure that every one of you playing this game has at least one friend whom you can tell everything and with whom you share everything. Well, if you do, that you are going to relate to this next game.

Game walkthrough: What has happened is that Beauty’s friends have all been kidnapped by zombies. And it is now time to show what you are willing to do for the people you care about and how much you are ready to risk your own life for them. So, imagine you are Beauty and those are your friends that are kidnapped. You will need to take your gun and start shooting at the evil zombies before they hurt your friends or you. But, you must be very careful, since your friends are right behind the zombies, so you could shoot some of them if you do not watch out and be precise.

Game instructions: You are a very skillful gunman, but you will definitely need some getting used to, so do not worry if you shoot your friends at the beginning. To shoot, you will need to use only the space bar on your keyboard. You will have unlimited amount of ammo, so you need not worry about reloading. To move, you will need to use the arrow keys, up is for moving up, and down is for moving down. On the top of your screen you can keep track of your time, score, and the wave of zombies. So now, if you are ready, get started, because your friends cannot wait any longer, they desperately need your help. So go ahead and help them!

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