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Title: Autumn War

Description: War is an occurrence that is present since down of men. Even we are at a high point of our civilization and besides all the attempts for democracy all around the world, we still face wars all the time. There isn`t a time in history without a war somewhere in the world. It is a really strange human phenomenon. Some of the wars are religious, some are territorial, and some are ethnic. There are many different reasons why are people waging wars. And war is mainly a strategy! That who has a better strategy wins the battle. There are many examples from the history of mankind where minor armies won the battle against major armies, just because they had a better strategic plan. And this game, which is called Autumn War, is a kind of strategy game, but here you will have to fight against zombies! Well, they are attacking and are a great threat for the human race, so you have to do something about it!

Game Walkthrough: In this zombie game your task is to command your troops as they battle the evil zombies! By the way, you command the red units. The enemies are the green units. You should actually select units by clicking on them, and you can move them by clicking on the ground, and the third element of this game is to click on the enemies in order to attack them. You can attack any units with crosshairs on them; units that come in to contact must be attacked right away. There are different units; the infantry unit, the armed infantry unit. The number you will see shows the amount of units of the squad. The bar shows how much it will take until the squad gets reinforcement. In this game you will be able to use many different weapons: pistol, which is a close range weapon; rifle, which is a balanced weapon; carbine, which is a high-power weapon and a RPG, a devastating long range weapon. You can also use a vehicle and you can choose the one you like, but heavy vehicles take much longer to requisition than light vehicles. There are certain buttons where you can customize your order. The yellow number indicates how much time it will take for that option to arrive. In the middle of the top stripe of the game screen you will actually be able to see your mission objective. You can also change the graphic options for smoother game play. On the game screen you will notice some dark areas, and you should know that these areas are actually cover and they slows down most of the vehicles and makes zombies faster and harder to get. The troops can withdraw without the opponent advancing. You will also see some roads on the game screen, and here the vehicles can achieve higher speed, which is logical, right? Another thing you should be aware of is the red line which and it is your line, so any units behind it receive reinforcements and can buy vehicles. Advancing will move your line forward. Zombies move your line back. Beside the red line, there is a victory line, so if you somehow succeed to get to this victory line you will actually win the battle. There is also a defeat line, so if those creepy zombies get to this line, you lose the fight. All and all this is a well structured war strategy game that gives you a lot of choices. Well, in essence this game is based on your choices. So, whether you will win or lose the battle depends on the things you choose, and the strategy you make. So, you should select the things you think will be of greatest help.

Game Instructions: In this game you need to use the help of the mouse to make your selections. Let`s see how experienced you are in strategy making! Come on! Win the battle against the zombies!!!

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