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Title: Bio Zombie

Description: When you work in a laboratory of some sort, where there are a lot of substances and where you do all kinds of experiments, there is always the possibility of something happening and everything going wrong. We have heard of so many explosions that have happened, but when no one gets hurt, well, then that is just plain luck. Even though people that work in this laboratories take all the precautions, because they know that they are working with some dangerous elements, accidents happen and people get hurt. However, in this next game, something more than just this occurred. An accident did happen, but it left some inexplicable consequences. Let’s check it out!

Game walkthrough: Before I walk you through this game and tell you what you will need to do in it, let me first tell you something about the story behind it. As I found out, it all started when a laboratory was destroyed by a terrible accident. From then on, everything went wrong. And with the laboratory out of control, a totally mysterious and hidden machine opened, revealing a person inside it. You are now that person. But, apart from that, as a consequence of the explosion, something terrible has happened and all the other people that had been working in the laboratory had been turned into zombies. You are the only one left in the inside that can do something about this and destroy all the zombies before they get out of the laboratory and out in the city and start killing people. Before you start, you get to choose between three modes of this game. And the choice is between adventure, survival, and puzzle. They all sound great, so no matter which you pick, you will not regret it. However, each of them is different and you will have different task to do. The main task will be the same though, and that is – destroy as much zombies as you can and try to stay alive. You need to e very prepared for this game because you are going to encounter all kinds of zombies, and some of them are going to be very hard to kill.

Game instructions: To choose the mode you want to play in, you will first need to decide on one, and once you do, you will need to click on it with your left mouse button. As you proceed into this game, you will need your mouse still, but some other instructions as well. When you start the game, your mouse will take over the role of your weapon, so you will need to move it to aim and then click on the left mouse button to shoot. You will also need to move throughout the laboratory, and in order to do this you will need to use the WASD keys on your keyboard. And when it comes to instructions, this is all you are going to need, which makes this game very easy to play and you will get the hand of it in no time. So, it is now high time you went into that laboratory and show what you are capable of!

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