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Title: De Animator

Description: The ones that are into horrors and have examined this genre more in details probably have heard about the American horror writer called Howard Phillips Lovecraft. He is known for inventing the genre of cosmic horror, that has the idea that the universe is an strange and dangerous place that is actually beyond the understanding to most of the normal people. That’s why his stories usually involve characters who bump into terrible beings from outside this world that result with horror, madness and death. So this game is based exactly on a story of this writer. The story has the name ‘Six Shots by Midnight’ and is about this guy Herbert West who had quite unusual life, hoping to discover the secret of life. He was actually a doctor, who wanted to reanimate the dead ones, and he actually succeed in that on some way but the result of his attempts were not so pleasant since he revive terrible creatures who turned everything into terrible horror. It sounds similar to the story of Frankenstein. To produce a new life on a artificial way, or to bring back life to someone can be a really tricky job… Now he has to stop those creatures before they overrun the Miskatonic Valley and who knows what might happen since it would be easy things to run out of control since those creatures are quite destructive. Herbert West would be totally powerless is you don’t help him set some limits by killing his 'products'.

Game Walkthrough: And now you will take part in this strange story, helping this poor man face the terrible result of his act. The game – play is based on killing zombies that rise from their graves. You are positioned in one spot and they simply come to you, wanting to take away your life. You are there equipped with a gun but the thing is that those creatures are not so easy for killing. It’s not that they are immortal or something but they can be killed only if you hit their weak spot. Otherwise they will come to you and strangle you in a minute! They maybe move slowly but you have only six bullets in one charger and then the weapon is reloading automatically but six bullets are simply not enough for those zombies since you have to experiment for a while till you find their weak spots. That means that you’ll probably won’t succeed to pass the first level from first but don’t worry, it’s not about you, it is that those zombies are quite tough.

Game Instructions: It’s time for killing some rising zombies, are you prepared for that? The controls will be simple – you use the left mouse button to kill the zombie and that’s it. But finding that weak spot is not easy at all and that will cost you many bullets, maybe even losing a game or too but you shouldn’t be worried about that. After you find those spots, you don’t have to worry about nothing. Here is something that would be helpful while playing – when you find the shotgun, press the Shift key to toggle between weapons.

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