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Title: Zomgies 2 Game

Description: You thought that you were dreaming. But, you were not! It was all real. You had some kind of warning dream that was trying to ell you what is happening in reality. It was ten o'clock in the evening and your alarm clock gives you the sign that you must get up and leave for work. This week you are on the night shift. You must run very fast and shoot every zombie on your way. This is a matter of life and death for you. The zombies do not have that problem. They are already dead.

Game Walkthrough: The main goal in this is the ultimate run-and-gun zombie shooter game is to survive 15 levels of zombie mayhem! Jump into and drive a variety of vehicles! Collect 15 unique weapons to kill a range of zombies in different ways! Try to aim well and give them headshots to eliminate them more quickly. There is a possibility to take a car and drive over them, but you should be careful and avoid the barrels on the road. There are too many zombies out there and they will try to tear you apart, so you must escape them and collect every possible piece of food you can find to recover your health. Give your best shot to escape this bad dream turned into reality.

Game Instructions: Playing this game is really interesting experience. To move your character around you should use either the AWSD keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard. Use your mouse to aim at the zombies that are running after you and click the left mouse button to shoot them. You have more than one weapon, so you can swap between selected weapons pressing the Spacebar. To reload the weapon you are using at the moment, just press the R key.

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