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Title: Zombie go Home

Description: Zombies are undead. They were people sometimes but they were infected from this terrible zombie virus and end up like that. Zombies feed themselves with fresh human flesh and human brains and that’s what keeps them alive. However, a zombie can’t be seen during the day. Some sources say that they actually have graves and sleep there during the day because the sun affects bag on them. And it is not strange since they are a bunch of rotting meat. And similar situation we have in the following game. This zombie has risen up and started this journey, seeking some brains. Help this zombie find his food, and then bring him back to his grave.

Game walkthrough: The game will challenge you in 15 interesting levels. The first five levels are unlocked and you can freely choose with which one will you start, but to try the others, you have to pass those five. You play with this zombie who has escaped from his grave but he likes to get back there again. His grave is actually exit, and you have to do that without letting him go out from the screen. On his way he has to collect brains so you could earn a lot of points. But it’s not just about walking around. There are few obstacles on your way and they are the only way to control your moving. Once you started moving, the zombie continues moving and if there isn’t an obstacle, he will continue moving until he leaves the screen. That’s why you should calculate well, which are the obstacles that should be hit to direct the zombie to the right place. Aim for the grave but also be careful about the holes, avoid them. They can’t harm you directly but if you fall in one, you can’t know from where would you arise again and that could disturb your result. Also there are some ghosts that may show up in the field and if you get to one, you will be back at the start point. It could happen the only way to the grave to be near them, if there is no other solution, pass near them but do your best to escape them, moving faster than them. Additionally your steps are calculated and they influence on your final score.

Game instructions: Since it is about a puzzle game, making a good strategy of moving will be your biggest effort. Think for a while, calculate all the combinations, where to turn left, where right, where to hit and similar combinations and then start the journey. It is better to think first and then take the action. You can think while you are moving as well but in that case there are bigger chances to make a mistake. Once you start moving, there is not a possibility to change your way, it is what it is, and if you’ve made a wrong decision, the zombie will get out from the screen. On other hand, the controls for playing the game are really easy, you don’t have to worry about making some unbelievable moves, and it’s enough to prepare a good strategy. For moving in the game you will using the arrow keys, the W, A, S, D keys or use the mouse and click the arrows that appear near the hero. After you pass the first few levels, you will get the logic of the game and you won’t have any problems. The game seems easy and yes, the controls are easy but we believe that it won’t be interesting for too much young children.

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