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Title: Blood run

Description: What can a wrong medicine cause? Well, sometimes it can cause many serious things, but it can be fatal also. In this game you will meet a guy who was given a wrong medicine while he was in a hospital and he suddenly got angry, very angry! Oh, no! He turned into a zombie! And now he wants to eat human brains! As you probably know zombies are believed to eat human brains!

Game Walkthrough: This is one of those zombie games, where you don`t actually fight against the zombies, but you are a zombie and you need to spread the zombie virus. So, in this game you are actually going to play with this zombie guy and your task is to bite as many people as possible! Yeah, you will have fun playing as a zombie! You are given 60 seconds to bite as much people as possible. But you have to know that those people are running like crazy and it`s is very difficult to catch them. Well, of course, they are frightened to death, so they can`t just walk freely! But this is the thing that makes this game so challenging! If you manage to catch people and bite them, they will turn into zombies and they will, like you, bite other people and in a little while you'll have a zombie mass fighting for you. But you should be careful and escape from the police! Or you can also turn them into zombies. So come on, collect power up's and get into Blood run mode to destroy even more rapidly!

Game Instructions: In this zombie game you need to use the arrow keys to move the zombie guy across the streets, and to bite people you should press the Spacebar. You can change of volume with +/ - . You will get into Blood run after you bite a sufficient amount of people and in this mode you will walk much quicker. Well, buddy, be as fast as possible and bite as many people as you can! Have fun playing this zombie game!!!

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Added: 12 May 2012
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