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Title: More zombies

Description: Becoming a zombie doesn’t seem as glamorous as becoming a vampire or werewolf since in the stories of zombies usually there is not some romantic background, we have never heard about a zombie who feels in love with a real girl who changes his whole being. Zombies are just zombies, cumbersome, stupid and we could say, boring. For the zombies we learn most from the movie so here are 5 ways to become a zombie, according to them. Many times people become zombies because they are victim of some voodoo or other ritual, it happen they to be exposed to radiation or toxic chemicals, the victim may catch a nasty infection, take place in a mad scientists experiment or get gnawed and nibbled on by a zombie.

Game Walkthrough: Your name is Rocco and you are a regular hot dog vendor, but it happens that your last order of ketchup was little bit weird – this is ketchup that turns people into zombies! Now instead of regular costumers you have zombies in a row, waiting for another dose of the ketchup. And what to do with all those zombies? Don’t think much – kill them!

Game Instructions: In this game you will killing zombies using 36 different kinds of weapons. You move using WASD keys, use L for right attack, K for left attack, if a zombie bits you press left and right keys quickly to push the zombie away. Space bar uses for switching weapons and P for pause.

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Added: 23 December 2009
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