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Title: All we need is Brain

Description: The brain is the weakest spot of the zombies, but at the same time a fresh brain is something that every zombie likes to eat. It is their weak spot because they can be killed most easily if they are shot in the head but in the following game there will be much more then shooting. Yes, there will be some shooting to spice things up, but making strategies how to lure zombies, that’s the point of this game.

Game walkthrough: Once you start the game you will see 25 graves that refer to the 25 levels that are in the game, and need to be passed. What you should do in this game? The point is to trick the zombies. Zombies are hungry for brains so your job is to lure it with a brain and them, since he has risen out from the grave, you need to get rid of him. At the beginning of the game, in the first three levels you will have a little help at the beginning. The game will actually show you how to play it with these hints, where to position the brain so you can easily kill the zombie. One way is to position the bran on the other side of a river so when the zombie will rise from the grave and bewitched from the brain will start going to eat it, he won’t see that there is a river on his way and he will fall down in the river. Then the bran could be positioned on a place before which there is a bomb positioned, or simply place it somewhere where there is a target, and once he get there, shoot him. In the first levels there will be only one brain that can be used to lure a zombie, but in the more advanced levels there are more brains available and in those cases you need to think little bit more, to make a good strategy how to position the brains so they will lead to destruction this ugly creature. Also know that if the brain is positioned too far from the zombie, he couldn’t feel the smell and he won’t wake up. Make plans but also consider the fact that there are places where a brain actually couldn’t be positioned, don’t have those spots in your plan and examine them well before you start playing. The point is not to leave him eat the brain but even if he eats it and he is killed as well, the level will be passed. Another thing that needs to be taken in mind is that the level should be passed quite fast if you like to earn a lot of points. You start from 100 and that is your available time, but also your scores. As the time passes, the score decreases, so try to think fast and act fast as well.

Game instructions: So we conclude that all zombies need are brains but you will also have to have that if you like to do well the game. Thinking is the mail tool that will help you figure things out and solve every situation. On other hand the controls are very simple and you don’t have to worry about them at all. All you should do is to position the brain at the right position and for that you’ll be using the mouse. The brain is ‘stacked’ to the mouse cursor, and to leave it on the wanted place, just click on the place. Sometimes you will need to shoot the zombie and for that you’ll be also using the left mouse click, aim with it and shoot with the left mouse click.

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